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Baeuhn — Lvl. 50 — Castanic Archer

Spent the whole day getting this guy to 50, after getting him to 48 last night, shortly before logging off and going to bed. Pretty proud of myself for getting his armor when I got him to 44, because I’m finding it hard to find level 50 +6, or +9 armor in the brokerage. Especially for bows.

But here, have some screens of my handsome-u Castanic. I’m feeling sorta bad for abandoning Ardenor and Nebiroth at Lvl. 45 and running off on my own, but everytime I’ve gone ahead of them, they’ve caught up.

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So I got part of my computer build up and running yesterday, fully finished downloading TERA and viola, today got this little babe to level 48. I stared at my screen for a good…10 minutes last night when I got home from work? Mostly because I had to literally play my game on the lowest setting on my mom’s computer, and deal with the lag when I bumped it up to take screens. 

I’m a very content gamer right now, that, and it doesn’t look like Bae is wearing huge amounts of eyeliner and mascara in my screens anymore (which I was kinda okay with but he looks even more handsome now yaaay)

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Let me burn your bridges for you

I’m leveling an archer, again.

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velikpledge sent: What program(s) do you use to create your edits?

Photoshop [CS6], the right tunes, a good cup of coffee, and a prayer.
Most of the work being done by the coffee tbh.

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" Woooo-hooooo~ "

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--Bonnie & Clyde. 
--Bonnie & Clyde.